Quantumed Condoms


  • Plain Lubricated
  • Coloured & Flavoured Lubricated
  • Dry Unlubricated

Manufacturing Team

The manufacturing team of experienced and highly qualified process engineers and technologists are constantly upgrading, modifying and improving the machines, processes and latex formulation. This level of dedication and motivation has allowed the present stage of excellence where quality condoms are produced which meet and the most stringent of international standards.

Quality System

Utilizing a carefully managed ISO 9001 quality system, our condoms meet and exceed the different expectations and requirements demanded from all over the world including ISO 4074, WHO, SABS and the European CE Standard. With the latest equipment in laboratory, experienced Quality Assurance (QA) team continually carries out various testing methods at every stage of production to keep condom quality in check. The condoms are microbiologically controlled during the manufacturing process in order to achieve a low bio burden count. Moreover, the manufacturing team adopts strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) following FDA, ISO, CE and SABS conditions.

All condoms are 100% electronically tested for safety and reliability with a carefully managed ISO 9001 quality system. Our products meet and exceed the requirements of all major international standards including ISO 4074, WHO and European Standard.

Types of Condoms

We supply and distribute lubricated plain, lubricated coloured/flavoured and dry, unlubricated male condoms, as well as female condoms.

Female Condoms: Our Female Condom is distinguished from a male condom in that it is retained in the vagina after insertion. The external component of the device provides some coverage to the external female genitalia. Our Female Condoms, made from Natural Latex Rubber, can be effective for contraceptive purposes and in the prevention of STI transmission.

The Female Condoms:

  • Completely line the vaginal canal.
  • Are free from holes and defects.
  • Have adequate physical properties so as not to break during use.
  • Are packaged to protect them during storage.
  • Are correctly labelled to facilitate their use.
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