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Body Bags

Body Bags are non-porous disposable body bags designed to contain a human body, used for the storage and transportation of corpses. Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) body bag designs are much more superior as they contain no chlorides, are non-carcinogenic and are heat sealed to prevent leakage of body fluids, which often occurs after someone dies. Lightweight white and beige body bags have since become popular because it is much easier to spot a piece of evidence that may have been jostled from the body in transit on a white and beige background than on a black background.

Body bags are made of thick LDPE and have a full-length zipper on them. Sometimes the zipper runs straight down the middle. Alternatively, the path of the zipper may be U-shaped. Depending on the design, there are sometimes handles (three on each side) to facilitate lifting. It is possible to write information on the surface of a body bag using a marker pen. Some designs of body bags have transparent label pockets as an integral part of the design, into which a name-card can be inserted.

Body bags are not designed to be washed and reused, with good reason. Aside from the obvious hygiene concerns, re-use of body bags could easily contaminate evidence in the case of a suspicious death. As a result, body bags are routinely discarded and incinerated after one use. Body Bags are manufactured in Beige or White as well as either the double sided tape method of closure or the zip method of closure. Sizes range from Infant through to Adult Extra Extra Extra Large.


Used for centuries by many different religions, a shroud is a piece of material, used to wrap around a body in preparation for burial or cremation. Shrouds are manufactured in Beige or White. Material used may be non-woven, Beige LDPE or White PVC. Sizes range from Infant through to Adult Extra Extra Large.


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U-Zip Body Bag With Handles

U-Zip Body Bag With Handles

Standard Body Bag

Standard Body Bag

Body Bag With Center Zip & No Window

Body Bag With Center Zip & No Window

Body Bag With Window

Body Bag With Window

Standard Shroud (Folded)

Standard Shroud (Folded)

Standard Shroud (Open)

Standard Shroud (Open)


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