About Quantumed

Dedicated, Persistent and Constantly Strive to Better our Services.

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Our Vision

“At Quantumed we are dedicated, persistent and constantly strive to better our services to benefit our clients, both internationally and locally. We strive to conduct our business with professionalism, integrity, energy, honesty and, above all, fairness.”

Our Mission

Quantumed’s vision is to become the first company of choice within the South African Market that manufactures and distributes high quality personal healthcare products.

Our Company

Established in 2011, Quantumed is registered as a (Pty) Ltd company based in Johannesburg. We have a dedicated team whose focus is, at all times, striving to maintain our mission statement.

Nine years down the line, we have achieved what we set out to achieve. We have an excellent understanding of the workings of the South African medical market, both in the private and government sector. Coupled with our sales team’s 29 years’ experience in the medical industry, we are proud of the network we have established and our association with some of the best facilitators, decision-makers and medical companies within South Africa and abroad.

Informative Videos

Quantumed - We Care for Everyone

Coloured & Flavoured Condoms

How To Use The Lion AlcoBlow ® - Demonstration

Quantumed Condoms


Male Condoms, Dry Condoms
& Female Condoms for
Ultimate Protection.

Quantumed Lubricants


Manufactured To High
Specifications For Ultimate
Pleasure & Safety.

Quantumed Condom Demonstrators


Male & Female Condom
Demonstrators for
Educational Purposes.

Quantumed Alcohol Breathalysers

Alcohol Breathalysers

Personal, Business & Evidential
Devices For Every Situation.

Quantumed Dispensers


Metal & Branded
Condom Dispensers.

Quantumed Dental Dams

Dental Dams

Coloured & Flavoured
Latex Dental Dams
for Pleasurable Protection.

Quantumed Body Bags

Body Bags

Manufactured To Suit
Your Needs.

Quantumed Finger Cots

Finger Cots

Small, Medium, Large
& Extra Large
Latex Finger Cots.

Quantumed First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

Catering For Any
Medical Application
& All Situations.

Quantumed Nap Zapper

Nap Zapper

Designed To Alarm During
Momentary Lapses In Concentration
Caused By Fatigue & Tiredness.

Quantumed Male Circumcision Training Kit

VMMC Training Model

Male Circumcision
Demonstrators for
Educational Purposes.